About Us

Plywood factory "EсoFanera"
Exports of birch plywood from Russia.
We are interested in mutual cooperation being your reliable plywood supplier.

About Us

Plywood factory "EсoFanera" is a Russian high quality birch plywood manufacturer. Years of experience, advanced equipment, the usage of high quality materials and modern technologies allow our products to meet world plywood quality standards.  We choose the best birch wood from our region. The wood is known by narrow annual growth rings that give our plywood enhanced strength.  The high quality of our plywood provides a variety of application areas.  Leading construction companies and furniture manufacturers in Russia and Europe are among our clients.

Production capacity of our company is about 20000 cbm of plywood annually.




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Завод с воздуха

 Seregina str. 18, Kirzhach, Vladimir region, Russia, 601010

The central part of Russia, 100 km from Moscow